Welcome to the new premium chat service.
Now you can create a friends list and use it to alert friends that you're in the chat room, or set a time to meet!
We also have an exciting new feature to create your own private chat rooms.

What make this chat community different
The Blarney Room is an online gathering place like no other. It's a member only chat community which leads to real conversations and relationships, unlike free for all chat rooms where people can enter with multiple aliases to disrupt or abuse others.

Chat Room Features
Visit Multiple Chat Rooms
Create your own private rooms
Request to join private rooms
See who's chatting
Ignore annoying chatters
Chat one on one (privately)
Send internal IA messages
View other regular's profiles

There are 2 ways to enter the Chat Room: as a Chat Room Premium member (to become a Chat room member, you can send IrishAbroad.com a cheque for $12) or as an IrishAbroad Premium Member (Irish Circle).

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