Cork Slang
Part 1: Expressions
C'mere Excuse me
I will,yeah no
What's the story fella? How are you?
how's the form? How are you?
how's it hanging? How are you?
You would yeah You wouldn't dare
Here la here you are
there la it's over there/look over there
State a him la He looks bad
Ah/awe) now sham thats good
I claim ya I would really like to engage in a fight with you.
Pure very
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Like this word is used at least once in every Cork sentence.
Like eh Used as a hesitation at the start of a sentence.
Nawful terrible
Bate beat up
have a lash off have a go
Lash into hash Smoke cannibas
Be wide be careful
Be dog wide be extra careful
How bad bhoy good
Bhoy man/person. Not necesserily a Celt
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Part 2: Nouns & verbs
Brasser/stella/tramp/trollup prostitute
Jammy Rag tampon
Wan/bure female
Young wan female child
Fella/fein/ feeno/your man male
Small fella Male child
Mam, ole laid, ole wan mother
Ole fella joyrider
Apache a young person up to no good
Salk stolen car
Sham-feen macho or hard-man
Snout/gonker/snoz nose
Gowl(Ghoul) Stupid person
Gimp idiot
Fifty Stood up
Poppies/tatties Potatoes
Shades/law/blue bottles/pigs/5-0 Garda
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Two-bulb/shade mobile squad car
Pig stie Garda station
Gatch walk
Gammy deformed
Jag/doing a line/jaggin/meetin a wan/with/ going out with
Gatt/gattin/on the tear/on the piss drink/drinking
Reef/reefin/mangle beat up/beating up
Lamp/skanse/la look
Droppin/Waz need to go to the toilet/restroom
Wah /Whacker not a nice person
Norrie Person from Northside of the Cork City.
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Part 3 :Place Names
Grawn Gurranabraher
Knocka Knocknaheeney
Mahn Mahon
da Han Ballyphehane
Toker Togher
da Glen The Glen
Pana St. Patrick Street
Flying bottle The HolyHill Inn
da Peace Park Bishop Lucey Park
Clon Clonakilty
Crosser Crosshaven
da Cross Turners Cross Football Ground
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