Quick Quiz 1

1. What is the county town of Laois?

2. In which mountain range would you find Arderin, Baunreaghcong, Barna and Wolftrap Mountain?

3. Queen’s County and King’s County - what are their modern county names?

4. “Oh then a mighty war did rage / ‘Twas woman to woman and man to man / Shillelagh law did all engage / And a row and a ruction soon began.” Where did this all take place?

5. Whose journies were detailed in Navigatio?

6. Who would be awarded the title Saoi?

7. What is a slane used to cut?

8. With which is instrument is Seamus Ennis associated?

9. What government department is An Bord Bia?

10. What type of hand-made material was Monaghan long associated with?

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