Quick Quiz 10

1. Which Taoiseach first applied for Ireland’s admission into the EU?

2 Which Irish town name is derived from the French war cry: “Boutez-en-Avant”?

3. Who is MEP (Member of the European Parliament) for Ulster-Connacht?

4. The Easter lily is a Republican symbol. But the flower is a native of where?

5. Skerries in Co. Dublin takes its name from the nearby islands in the Irish Sea. But where are the Out Skerries?

6. What are Ireland’s most northerly and southerly mainland points?

7. What environmental asset does the State board Coillte look after?

8. Born Sean O’Feeney in I894, he was the son of Irish-speaking parents who emigrated from Spiddal in 1872. He later became a famous Hollywood director. Who?

9. He’s the only sportsman ever to win both All Ireland Gaelic football medals and English FA Cup medals. Who is he?

10. (a) What was Dublin man Jonathan Swift’s profession? (b) What was Clonmel man Laurence Sterne’s profession?

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