Quick Quiz 11

1. In which county is (a) Cootehill; (b) Cootehall?

2. In Dion Boucicault's play The Shaughraun, what does ‘shaughraun’ mean?

3. In which two counties does Lough Corrib straddle?

4. In which discipline were the Dublin family the Hones famous?

5. How is Mary Lenaghan now known?

6. Where was Ireland’s first holiday camp opened?

7. Suck, Cregg, Feale, Nanny, Tolka and Inny are what?

8. In 1803 who started a rebellion in Dublin?

9. Give two other names for Cruach Phádraig.

10. In 1947 which country blocked Ireland’s application for entry into the UN - the USA, the USSR or the UK?

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