Quick Quiz 12

1. Howth Station in the north and Bray Station in the south join what?

2. In which county is the K Club, where the 2006 Ryder Cup will be played?

3. “Through Arklow and Wicklow along the sea shore/We kept his brush in view every yard of the way.” According to the song, who was being chased?

4. How many miles of coastline (to the nearest thousand) does Ireland have?

5. What is the governing body of football called in (a) the Republic of Ireland; (b) Northern Ireland?

6. In what town is The Ould Lammas Fair held?

7. Where is Jameson whiskey made in Ireland?

8. Doyles on Watson’s Bay is reckoned to be the most famous seafood restaurant in the world. In which city in which country is it situated?

9. In which two counties are the Slieve Bloom Mountains mostly situated?

10. St. Ciaran founded which monastic settlement on the banks of the Shannon1 How was World War II known in Ireland?

2. Eire is the name of our island in Irish. What is an Eireannach?

3. What does the mnemonic (memory aid) Roll Out Your Guinness Boys In Vats refer to?

4. Ireland has the highest incidence of haemochromatosis in the world. What is it?

5. Which dairy product first came onto the market in 1972, although Tony O’Reilly thought up the name 10 years earlier?

6. Where is the Lia Fail (Stone of Destiny) situated?

7. What is a Red Rooster?

8. Samhain is the Irish for which festival?

9. What is the plural of Taoiseach?

10. In which province is (a) Tipperary; (b) Monaghan (c) Roscommon?

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