Quick Quiz 15

1. Which is Ireland’s most easterly county?

2. Where is St. Patrick’s Purgatory?

3. Ulster Presbyterians in the 17th century disliked him as much as the Catholics did, and referred to him as “the greetin’ divil”. Who?

4. How are the following known in English: (a) Beanna Boiche; (b) Port Mearnóg; (c) Na Blascaodaí; (d) Cluain Meala,

5. Who said “I never wake without finding life a more insignificant thing than it was the day before.” — Samuel Beckett, Jonathan Swift, Van Morrison, James Joyce or Bram Stoker?

6. What is the usual translation of the Firbolgs?

7. Whose novel Murphy (1938) was rejected by more than forty publishers?

8. Which was the first Irish city to obtain a charter?

9. What made its first appearance in Howth and Drogheda during August 1348?

10. Which town stands on the River Quoile?

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