Quick Quiz 16

1. Where do Ireland’s most northerly inhabitants live?

2. Name three of Belfast’s four daily newspapers.

3. How are the following known in English:
(a) Ros Treabhair; (b) Eatharlach; (c) An Briotás?

4. Fuchsia, an integral part of the Irish landscape is not a native plant. Where is it from?

5. What sort of rock is the Giant’s Causeway largely composed of?

6. In which prison was James Connolly executed?

7. Who were the Irish Palatines?

8. Who speaks a dialect or jargon known as Shelta or Cant?

9. What first took place from Buttevant Church to St Mary’s in Doneraile in Co. Cork?

10. The first play to take place in the Abbey Theatre in Dublin was On Baile’s Strand. Who wrote it?

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