Quick Quiz 18

1. From 1942 there were 300,000 of them stationed in the North of Ireland training for Europe. What?

2. The first one in Ireland was Dublin to Dun Laoghaire?

3. In which of the Six Counties was coal-mining carried on until well into the 20th century?

4. Which famous Scottish leader was killed at Faughart near Dundalk?

5. How are the following known in English: (a) An Caisleán Nua; (b) Muineachán; (c) Ceannanus Mór?

6. What is the name given to the tract of mountain, glen and lough situated on the eastern border of Connemara, and dividing that district from Mayo?

7. What do the words ‘colleen bawn’ mean?

8. An Act of Parliament of Oliver Cromwell banished Irish landowners to Connacht. How was the action summed up in four words?

9. What plant is Johnny Magory?

10. It was opened in 1662 and occupies 1,752 acres on the north west of Dublin. What is it?

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