Quick Quiz 19

1. Albert Pierrepoint performed his first one at Mountjoy Prison in Dublin. What?

2. Who wrote The Tinker’s Wedding?

3. What position does Catherine Byrne hold in Ireland — is she
(a) the Ombudsman;
(b) Head of the Garda Síochána;
(c) The Taoiseach’s official girlfriend;
(d) the Lord Mayor of Dublin;
(e) the new Tánaiste?

4. Robert Flaherty, often described as the father of the film documentary, produced Nanook of the North. He also produced a film about island life in Ireland. What was it called?

5. What are the two main types of bog found in Ireland?

6. What official body is known as An Bord Altranais?

7. Galway, Mayo, Leitrim and which other two counties make up Connacht?

8. What did the Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921 establish?

9. Julius Caesar is thought to have first used this name for Ireland — what?

10. What is an Irish dipper?

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