Quick Quiz 2

1. Which JB Keane play was based on a real life feud in Kerry between bachelor farmer Moss Moore and his neighbour, ex IRA volunteer Dan Foley over a fence?

2. What is the name of the book, written in the late 7th century, which depicts the four Gospels?

3. Which saint was born in Garton in Donegal?

4. How are the following places known in English: (a) An Uaimh; (b) Caisleán na Mainge; (c) Cionn tSáile; (d) Baile na Mhistéalaigh?

5. In which county are the ruins of Monasterboice situated?

6. Mia Farrow is the daughter of which Irish film actress?

7. James Hoban of Co. Kilkenny designed which American building?

8. The capital of New Zealand is named in honour of which Dublin man?

9. According to a famous book, in 1699 the Antelope set sail from Bristol. Who was on board?

10. How many Bens are there in the famous mountain range in Connemara?

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