Quick Quiz 20

1. Where did the Asgard land its consignment of arms?

2. “They sing about the hills of Oklahoma / The big Swiss mountains where the yodellers call / They sing about the black hills of Dakota / But I'll settle for...” Where?

3. Who said: “I believe in our Gaelic past which, though the Irish race does not recognise it just at present, is really at the bottom of the Irish heart, and prevents us becoming citizens of the empire” — Michael Collins, Douglas Hyde, John McCormack, Éamon de Valera or Michael Collins?

4. A name for what is now known as the Republic of Ireland was first used in the Government of Ireland Act of 1920, but the term never gained international currency — what was it?

5. How are the following places known in English:
(a) Áth na nUrlainn;
(b) Ceann Toirc;
(c) Domhnach Baite?

6. In which county is Slemish and Carrickfergus Castle?

7. What famous song naming an Irish county was written by Jack Judge in 1912?

8. What is a St. Brigid’s cross traditionally made from?

9. What is a ‘pet day’?

10. What do the following have in common: Lord Lucan, Picasso, Hadrian, Cruz Beckham?

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