Quick Quiz 21

1. Theobald Wolfe Tone was a serving officer in which army at the time of his death?

2. Cork County Hall and Liberty Hall in Dublin hold what record for buildings in the Republic?

3. What do the following Irish words mean in place names: (a) Cill (or Kil); (b) Bearna (or Barna); (c) Teach; (d) Mullach?

4. His wife was called Emer, his son Conlaoch, and he was finally killed in battle by Lugaid. Who?

5. Which is the smallest of the six counties?

6. Which world famous type of tree was first bred at Florence Court in Co. Fermanagh?

7. In which county are Lusk and Lucan?

8. In which range of mountains are Wolftrap, Arderin and Barna?

9. What relationship were the Irish writers Richard Brinsley Sheridan and Sheridan Le Fanu?

10. Barry’s tea is an institution in Ireland, but where was the original Barry’s tea shop — Belfast, Limerick, Galway, Cork or Dublin?

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