Quick Quiz 23

1. (a) Who is the leader of the Ulster Unionist Party? (b) Which party does Trevor Sargeant lead in the Republic?

2. Which county largely occupies the Plain of Muirthemne, over which Queen Medbh tried to cross during her battle against Cú Chulainn?

3. Who built Trim Castle: John de Courcy, Walter de Lacey, Reginald de Nougat, Ninette de Valois or Eamon de Valera?

4. Oscar Wilde represented Trinity College at what sport?

5. The Tricolour is the national flag of Ireland, but how are the official Arms of Ireland represented?

6. What is the importance of Whiddy Island port?

7. The following were important in which field — John Field, Frank Corcoran, William Balfe?

8. What group did Thomas Davis lead after disagreeing with Daniel O’Connell over the use of violence?

9. What is Tir na nÓg?

10. The world’s first took place between Buttevant and Doneraile in Co. Cork in 1752 — what?

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