Quick Quiz 24

1. How are the following known in English: (a) Na Sceallaga; (b) Port an Dúnáin; (c) Cill Chainnaigh?

2. Oscar Wilde attended a school called Portora for a while. Which county is it in?

3. What are the ingredients of the dish ‘champ’?

4. What has a popping strap and a set of regulators?

5. Harry Ferguson of tractor fame was born in which county?

6. Who is leader of Fine Gael?

7. Who wrote the Ginger Man?

8. The first one went on sale in Dublin in 1947, costing 45s (£2.25). What?

9. Mrs Cheveley, Sir Robert Chiltern — which Wilde play?

10. What role did Edward J. Smith play in a doomed Belfast marine project?

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