Quick Quiz 26

1. Which traditional design incorporates two hands embracing a heart?

2. What is a ciotóg? (Hint: about 10 per cent of Ireland’s population are ciotógs)

3. Which city was founded by St. Colmcille?

4. William Drennan was the first to give Ireland which title?

5. Critic Vivian Mercier described it as: “A play in which nothing happens. Twice.” Which play?

6. The Lia Fáil is what?

7. They were members of a secret society who dressed as women and committed acts of terrorism during the 1840s to prevent landlords from making evictions. What were they called?

8. A red cross appeared on the union flag (union jack) from 1801, originally found on the TCD coat of arms in the early 1600s. How is it known?

9. In which Irish university did the English poet Gerald Manley Hopkins teach Greek?

10. Who called a pint of plain “your only man”?

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