Quick Quiz 27

1. Name the five counties in the South which border the Six Counties in the North.

2. How are the following known in English: (a) Luimneach; (b) Lim an Mhadaidh; (c) Baile Iiliin?

3. Finish the words of this verse from an Ulster song: And when Sergeant Death in his cold arms embrace me, Then lull me to sleep with sweet Erin go Bragh By the side of my Kathleen, my young wife oh place me Then forget Phelim Brady...

4. The ermine is the Arctic form of which Irish mammal?

5. Which English writer wrote The MacDermots of Ballycloran.

6. What occurred between Monday, April 24 and Saturday, April 29 sometime in the second decade of the last century?

7. What was divided by the ancient Celts into Samhain and Beltaine?

8. Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu, the Dublin writer, was from what extraction?

9. What is a slob in Ireland, apart from a slovenly type of person?

10. The Society of the United Irishmen was founded by who?

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