Quick Quiz 28

1. At which university was the poet Philip Larkin a librarian, and where he wrote much of his poetry?

2. Georgian architecture in Dublin — which George?

3. Which car was produced in Dundalk from shortly after World War II until the early sixties — was it (a) Mercedes; (b) Volkswagen; (c) Heinkel bubble cars; (d) BMWs?

 4. The leader of Sinn Féin in the Dáil, Caoimhghin Ó Caoláin, is TD for which constituency?

5. What was the name of the first ship from which Gulliver was shipwrecked from?

6. Which Irish actress appeared with Alec Guinness in the film version of Graham Greene’s Our Man In Havana?

7. What links May, Linenhall, University, Little Donegall (sic)?

8. Where was James Connolly born

9. Gerry Conlon’s book Proved Innocent was made into which film?

10. Who was the only President of Ireland drawn from the Labour Party?

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