Quick Quiz 3

1. The song Roddy McCorley was written by a Ballymena woman called Anna Isobel Johnston. How was she better known in her song-writing capacity?

2. Who said: “England pretends it is not by the naked sword, but by the good will of the people, she is there. We will draw the naked sword to make her bare her own naked sword.” Was it Michael Collins, Gerry Adams, Éamon de Valera or Daniel O’Connell?

3. How are the following known in English: (a) Loch Neachach; (b) Loch Súilí; (c) Loch gCál?

4. Which term for partitioned Ireland was first used in the Government of Ireland Act 1920?

5. What is a ‘scaldy’?

6. In which county is St Patrick's Purgatory at Lough Derg?

7. What does the body Dúchas look after?

8. Whose epitaph ends, “Horseman pass by.”

9. In which town would you find the Slieve Donard Hotel?

10. Which drink, launched in 1974 in Ireland, is now the best-selling liqueur in the world?



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