Quick Quiz 31

1. Christ Church cathedral is the cathedral church of the Archdiocese of Dublin and where else?

2. A school for poor boys in Waterford was opened in 1802 by Edmund Rice — what did it eventually become?

3. Who was Taoiseach twice between 1948 and 1954?

4. They were started by the Anglo Normans from the late 12th century onwards, and originally had a sheriff in charge of each one. What?

5. How is Emain Macha better known?

6. Which instrument used in Irish traditional music uses crans, rolls and popping in its musical repertoire?

7. Edward Bruce was killed in the Battle of Faughart in which county?

8. Which soccer rule was invented in Ireland?

9. Which is the most inland county of Ireland?

10. To which of following does Ireland belong: NATO, FIFA, UN, EU, the Commonwealth

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