Quick Quiz 32

1. Thomas Aherne of Luton Town, Con Martin of Aston Villa, and Reg Ryan and Dave Walsh were the last footballers to do what?

2. Its Latin name is Rhodymenia palmate, and its English name derives from the Irish word ‘duilesc’. How is it commonly known?

3. Snooker world champion Dennis Taylor comes from which county?

4. What bird did Lir turn his wife Aoife into after he discovered what she had done to his children?

5. How are the Twelve Pins also known?

6. A Samuel Beckett work, an American situation comedy and a drinks toast share which name?

7. Lord Mountcharles is connected with which high profile rock festival in Ireland?

8. What is the largest town in Mayo?

9. Who did Bertie Ahern succeed as Taoiseach?

10. How long is a presidential term in Ireland?

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