Quick Quiz 33

1. Because Trinity College Dublin is a ‘deposit library’ what is it legally entitled to?

2. How are the following known in English: (a) Garbhach; (b) Cill Dara; (c) An tSnaidhm?

3. In which county is Spancelhill?

4. “And so I pray one day to see our fetters rent in twain /And Ireland long a province be...” What?

5. What river flows through Portadown?

6. Is Galway Ireland’s largest, second largest or third largest county?

7. Who wrote (a) An Old Woman of the Roads; (b) The Deserted Village?

8. Which of the Six Counties have a seaboard?

9. Gloria had a hit in the Irish charts for 90 weeks with which song?

10. Which radio station was founded by an Irishman and named after a member of the Kennedy family?

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