Quick Quiz 35

1. What was the name of the yacht in the Howth gun running affair in July 1914?

2. What did Mr. Quinn of Limerick find on his land while digging on his land in 1868.

3. In which county is Mount Leinster.

4. Which club rugby side did Willie John McBride play for?

5. On which lough would you find Ramís Island?

6. Mary Catherine Tinney was Irelandís first woman what in 1973?

7. Where is St. Melís Cathedral?

8. On which horse did Eddie Macken win the Hickstead showjumping Derby four times?

9. Name the only Mary who has been Taoiseach of Ireland.

10. Whatís the correct title of the original Somerville and Ross book about an Irish RM?

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