Quick Quiz 38

1. Which was the first Irish band ever to have a hit in the British Top 20?

2. His father was Brazilian, his middle name was Parris, he was born in Birmingham yet he became the one of the most famous Irish rock stars of all time -  who?

3. What’s the county town of Westmeath?

4. In which county is the Glencar Waterfall?

5. Who was arrested at McKenna’s Fort, Ardfert in 1916?

6. What is the name of Oscar Wilde’s only novel?

7. Whose statue in Dublin was designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens?

8. In which county is Shannon Airport?

9. Which county plays its hurling at Casement Park?

10. Which Irish actor has appeared in Fawlty Towers, Robin’s Nest and Waking Ned Devine?

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