Quick Quiz 39

1. In what circumstances did Michael Collins say, “We’ve waited 700 years; you can have the seven minutes.”?

2. According to legend, who brought St. Patrick to Ireland?

3. Who was Ireland’s first canonised saint: (a) St. Lawrence O’Toole; (b) St. Oliver Plunkett; (c) St. Matthew Talbot; (d) St Palladius?

4. Where was the seat of the Irish High Kings?

5. Where is the Book of Kells displayed?

6. The Dublin sculpture know as ‘the floosie in the jacuzzi’ was based on which James Joyce character?

7. On which day of the year are pubs closed in Ireland?

8. Which Irish surname became the basis for a word meaning a type of execution?

9. Which fish is known in Irish legend as the Fish of Knowledge?

10. Which other two European countries belong to the same time zone as Ireland?

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