Quick Quiz 4

1. Who wrote the play Krapp’s Last Tape?

2. Sean South of Garryowen — in which county is that Garryowen?

3. Who said: “Men have been dying for Ireland since the beginning of time and look at the state of the country.” Was it James Joyce in Ulysses, Frank McCourt in Angela's Ashes, Jonathan Swift in Drapier’s letters, or Brendan Behan in Borstal Boy?

4. What do the words “Dubh Linn” literally mean with regards Dublin?

5. Who played the part of the English magistrate in the TV series the Irish RM?

6. Who was born at 21 Westland Row, Dublin in 1856?

7. (a) Which Major succeeded which Captain as prime minister of Northern Ireland?

(b) Who was the very last prime minister of Northern Ireland?

8. (a) Which annual fair takes place at Killorglin in the second week of August? (b) Which fair takes place in Ballycastle?

9. In which country was Chris de Burgh born?

10. Which city did The Undertones come from?

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