Quick Quiz 41

1. What is the official title for the Northern Secretary Peter Hain?

2. Who played the part of Dinny Byrne in Ballykissangel?

3. In what field of endeavour was a Belfast Truss used?

4. Where does the M1 in the Republic run?

5. Which King did the Wild Geese support?

6. How is Pirc U Chrocaigh also known?

7. US politician Gerry Elbridge gave his name to which political scheme used in Northern Ireland for many years to disenfranchise the Nationalist community?

8. Which is the highest peak in each of these counties: (a) Tipperary; (b) Waterford; (c) Galway; (d) Wicklow?

9. Our Taoiseach is P.B. Ahern. What are his first two names in full?

10. Which party is Pat Rabbitte leader of?

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