Quick Quiz 42

1. The word Gort often appears in Irish placenames. What does it mean?

2. Who wrote Cuirt a Mheadhan Oidhche (The Midnight Court), the outstanding Irish literary work of the 18th century?

3. Which country is known in Irish as Stit Aontaithe?

4. Auburn is the title location of which Oliver Goldsmith poem?

5. Which former Taoiseach is the EU Ambassador to the USA?

6. In the context of the North, what does IMC stand for?

7. Finish these words by Yeats: All is changed, changed utterly...

8. Which Irish saint was reputed to be the first to see the Loch Ness Monster?

9. What is the name of the road which runs round the Iveragh Peninsula?

10. Whats grown in a lazy


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