Quick Quiz 44

1. How is the name hUign anglicised?

2. How did the Californian town of San Luis Obispo predate Irish legislation by 10 years in 1994?

3. Who is the most capped Irish rugby player of all time?

4. Ireland is the Emerald Isle but from which mineral is the emerald derived?

5. It can be a mans name, a womans name, a surname, the name of a river what?

6. Which is the most easterly town in Ireland: Portavogie (Co. Down); Arklow (Co. Wicklow) or Waterfoot (Co. Antrim)?

7. Which king is the centre of the Ulster cycle of sagas?

8. In which county was the Battle of the Boyne fought?

9. How often must an election be called in the Irish Republic?

10. What was taken to Scotland in approximately 500AD by Irish settlers and is still widely used there?.

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