Quick Quiz 45

1. A lengthy spell in Britain (years rather than months) means you’re not allowed to do what in Ireland?

2. How is the Irish name Ó hEidersceoil (derived from the Irish meaning ‘intermediary’) anglicised?

3. In which town is the main GAA stadium called (a) The Semple (b) The Fitzgerald?

4. His first names are George Ivan, but how is this Irish singer usually known?

5. Who was the American-born winner of a single Fianna Fail seat in the North of Ireland elections in 1933?

6. Who is the Minister for Environment in the Republic?

7. (a) Who partnered Michael Flatley in the original Riverdance company? (b) which city is Michael Flatley from? (c) which instrument did Michael Flatley play a solo on in Riverdance?

8. Which is the Marble City?

9. What is the most northerly island in the North of Ireland on which people are living?

10. Which was the last county to be founded: Down, Wicklow, Mayo or Cork?


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