Quick Quiz 47

1. Ireland’s 15 principal railway stations are named after whom?

2. (a) Dunnocks are common in Ireland. Are they small hillocks, small birds, small fish or small prehistoric graves? (b) which is Ireland’s only plantigrade mammal? (c) The animal Garrulus glandarius hibernicus is unique to Ireland. What is it? (d) Lepus timidus hibernicus is unique to Ireland. What is it?

3. What is Kilkenny Marble?

4. What’s the name of the BBC local radio station serving the North of Ireland?

5. On which lough is Derry situated?

6. The Book of Kells is of one of the illuminated books held in Trinity College Dublin. What’s the other one called?

7. What was Queen Medbh of Connacht trying to capture in Ulster according to legend?

8. Which body, founded in Dublin in the 1840s, has fostered painting in Ireland.

9. Currently, who is the only Irish-born cardinal who would be able to vote in a Vatican conclave?

10. What sea lies directly to the south of Waterford?

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