Quick Quiz 48

1. How many peaks are there in Ireland over 3,000 feet?

2. The current numerical state of the political parties in the 29th Dáil are: 78, 32, 21, 8, 6, 5, 1, 15. Fianna Fail has 78 seats. Who has (a) 32 seats; (b) 8 seats; (c) 1 seat?

3. (a) Samuel B. Beckett — what does the B stand for?; (b) James A.A. Joyce — what does the AA stand for?

4. Blarney Castle was the principal residence of which family?

5. In which lough is Boa Island?

6. In which sport did Eamonn Andrews commentate?

7. The rock band Taste featured which Irish guitarist?

8. Which theatre in Dublin did Micheal Mac Liammoir and Hilton Edwards found?

9. What are Dublin’s two canals called?

10. What is Belfast’s main library called?

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