Quick Quiz 5

1. What was founded by Douglas Hyde, Eoin MacNeill and others on 31 July, 1893?

2. What are the four ingredients of a classic Irish coffee?

3. The ancient pagan festival of Imbolg took place on which day?

4. What is the common name for the plant with the Latin name Hedera hibernica?

5. Militarily, what links Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Austria and Switzerland.

6. What sort of a horse drawn vehicle is two wheeled, can carry four passengers, and has a jarvey driving it?

7. How is the Lia Fáil better known?

8. Which Taoiseach declared Ireland a republic?

9. Name two of the three ‘Treaty Ports’ which Britain was allowed to use until 1938 due to their exclusion from the 1921 Anglo Irish Treaty.

10. Who was popularly known as the ‘Uncrowned King of Ireland’?

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