Quick Quiz 50

1. Which Irish political party did Des O'Malley found?

2. In the Neil Jordan film Michael Collins, Ned Broy is tortured to death by the British. But what was his true fate?

3. Which are Ireland's three World Heritage sites?

4. What is the new name for the Dublin Corpo?

5. How are the following places known in English: (a) Ros Neamhlach; (b) Áth na Urlainn; (c) Baile an Bhuinneánaigh?

6. What is the county town of (a) Clare; (b) Fermanagh; (c) Donegal; (d) Westmeath; (e) Waterford?

7. The Clipper Carlton was the first what in Ireland?

8. What was Bram Stoker's original occupation?

9. Which are Ireland's only reptiles?

10. Is the Giant's Causeway worth seeing, according to Samuel Johnson?

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