Quick Quiz 52

1. What was Eamon de Valera’s original name when he was christened?

2. What GAA record does Nicky English hold in hurling?

3. If you went due south from Killarney which country would you come to first?

4. How are the following known in English: (a) Cluain Tarbh; (b) Lios Mór; (c) An Srath Bán?

5. For how many centuries did the Pale last?

6. What do woodpeckers, moles and newts have in common with snakes?

7. Which is the largest lough in Connacht?

8. What was Queen Medbh of Connacht trying to steal from the people of Ulster in the great saga the Cattle Raid of Cooley?

9. Which character from Sheridan’s The Rivals mixes up her words?

10. A captain once lived in Lough Mask House, Ballinrobe, Co Mayo. He subsequently gave his name to a new word in the English language, still widely in use today. Who was he?

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