Quick Quiz 56

1. William McGonagall, born of Irish parents in Scotland, is widely regarded as the worst published poet of all time. However, his middle name suggests he was a bit of a gem what was it?

2. Phil Lynnots wife Caroline was the daughter of which British comedian?

3. Which award statuette was designed by Cedric Gibbons?

4. On which river is Ennis situated?

5. What is a bawn?

6. Who is Fianna Fil TD for Dublin Central?

7. In which Dublin hotel was the Irish Constitution signed?

8. In which town did Michael Collins have his final drink before he was murdered?

9. I close my eyes and picture... What did Johnny Cash picture when he closed his eyes?

10. This 1959 film about leprechauns starred Sean Connery and Jimmy ODea. What was it called?

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