Quick Quiz 58

1. Matilda Witherington was the wife of which famous Irishman?

2. Which body, founded in the 1840s, has fostered painting in Ireland ever since?

3. Which town is situated between Upper and Lower Lough Erne?

4. Which is further north — the Upper Bann or the Lower Bann?

5. What familial relationship were Richard Brinsley Sheridan and Sheridan Le Fanu?

6. The bombing of which building in Dublin by field guns heralded the beginning of the Civil War in 1922?

7. Who replaced Charles Haughey as Taoiseach in 1981?

8. Cavan O’Connor died in 1997. In what field was he famous?

9. How was the Smurfit Memorial Fountain usually known by Dubliners?

10. Who was the first elected president of Ireland?

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