Quick Quiz 6

1. Which six counties in the Republic make up the Border Regional Authority?

2. Which Taoiseach first applied for Ireland’s admission into the EU?

3. Which Irish town name is derived from the French war cry: “Boutez-en-Avant”?

4. An Taisce is the body which promotes protection of Irish environment and architecture. What do the words An Taisce mean?

5. Samuel B. Beckett. What does the B stand for?

6. Two infamous body snatchers from Co. Tyrone and Co. Derry, both called William, plied their trade in Edinburgh. What were their last names?

7. What is Bunreacht na hÉireann?

8. The word “yahoo” is the invention of which writer?

9. Which song did socialist Jim Connell, from Co. Meath, write?

10. What was a ‘rath’?

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