Quick Quiz 60

1. Ivernia is the old name for which two counties?

2. Which country blocked Ireland’s accession to the UN in 1947?

3. In which group of mountains are Wolftrap and Arderin?

4. Which is Ireland’s most south-easterly point?

5. How are the following known in English: (a) Ceann Toirc; (b) Inis Mac Neasáin; (c) Ráth Eainaigh?

6. Sarsfield Bridge — which city?

7. The grounds of Belfast City Hall contains a memorial to which event which occurred in 1912?

8. In the foothills of which mountain does the Shannon rise?

9. Lough Ree is shared by which three counties?

10. Which saint is believed to have founded Clonmacnoise Monastery?

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