Quick Quiz 61

1. Who is the odd one out: Erskine Childers, Duke of Wellington, James Connolly, Micheál Mac Liammóir, Éamon de Valera?

2. In which Thackeray book does Roaring Harry Barry make an appearance?

3. Which hurler was the Master of Cloyne?

4. Maurice Walsh’s Green Rushes contains a story made into a famous film by John Ford. What was the film?

5. Which Taosigh followed each of Éamon de Valera’s terms as Taoiseach?

6. Name the following Kellys: (a) late singer with the Dubliners; (b) became Princess of Monaco; (c) an Irish American actor.

7. Hugh O’Neill of Tyrone and Rory O’Connell of Tyrconnell depart Ireland into voluntary exile. What is the name given to this exodus?

8. Joe Dolan, Johnny Moynihan and Andy Irvine were original members of which band?

9. Which Derry singer changed his name from Joe McGloughlin?

10. Bonnybefore was the birthplace of President Andrew Jackson’s parents. Which county is it in?

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