Quick Quiz 62

1. The euro is divided into 100 what?

2. What is the connection between the opera Tristram And Isolde and Chapelizod in Co. Dublin?

3. John Hume, Henry Kissinger and FW de Klerk differ how from Seán McBride, Seamus Heaney and W.B. Yeats in the winning of their Nobel Prizes?

4. To which party does the Tánaiste, Mary Harney, belong?

5. What is the name of the Scottish sport derived from Ireland’s hurling?

6. Which party does Trevor Sargent lead?

7. Sir Sidney Nolan painted; Mick Jagger played — who?

8. Who was the only prime minister or Taoiseach in the whole of these islands during the 20th century whose first language was not English?

9. What is regarded as the only fjord in Ireland?

10. What are the Dodder and the Tolka?

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