Quick Quiz 7

1. Which politician got his degree from the Bob Jones university?

2. What position does Nuala OLoan occupy in the North of Ireland?

3. An Taisce is the body which promotes protection of Irish environment and architecture. What do the words An Taisce mean?

4. Samuel B. Beckett. What does the B stand for?

5. Which Taoiseach both preceded and succeeded Liam Cosgrave?

6. What is county capital of Mayo?

7. Which Dublin born Prime Minister said of his first cabinet meeting: An extraordinary affair. I gave them their orders and thy wanted to stay and discuss them.

8. Diet-wise, what did George Bernard Shaw become after reading a track by Shelley?

9. Cork city has a bridge over the Lee named after a famous hurler. Who?

10. Whats the final word in Ulysses?

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