Quick Quiz 71

1. The Enniskillen Dragoons, the Dublin Dragoons etc; What was a dragoon?

2. Who sailed to Whitby on the Demeter?

3. Triple jumper James Connolly was the first what in 1,500 years?

4. In terms of location Portavogie on the Co. Down coast holds which Irish title?

5. What has been the commonest name for a pope?

6. Their father was a Co. Down man called Patrick, and they used the pseudonyms Acton Bell, Currer Bell and Ellis Bell. How are they better known?

7. Pope Clement III canonised which Irish saint in 1190 — was it St. Patrick, St. Colmcille, St. Malachy or St. Ignatius?

8. In which city is Eyre Square?

9. (a) What is Belfast’s main GAA ground called? (b) What is Belfast’s main rugby ground called?

10. In which county is Monasterboice round tower?

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