Quick Quiz 73

1. Which Irish national publication ceased on May 25, 1995?

2. Which year was the British Embassy burnt down in Dublin?

3. Which county town is situated between Lough Owel and Lough Ennel?

4. When did Belfast hold its first St. Patrick’s Day parade - was it 1798, 1898 or 1998?

5. Michael O’Donovan was the real name of which writer?

6. Which famous house is situated on the banks of the Poulaphouca Reservoir in Wicklow?

7. Which Middle-Eastern side were the only team to beat the Republic of Ireland in their qualifying campaign for the 2002 World Cup finals?

8. Which hurler was known as the Master of Cloyne?

9. On a Cladagh ring what does the crown represent?

10. Who was the first Catholic Lord Mayor of Dublin?

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