Quick Quiz 74

1. Which is the only county in the Republic with only one border with another county in the Republic?

2. What two areas does the North Channel separate?

3. How are the following places known in English: (a) Imleach; (b) Ail Finn; (c) Tobar an Choire?

4. (a) In which province is Ireland’s most westerly point? (b) In which province is Ireland’s most easterly point?

5. In 1956 John Huston directed a film starring Gregory Peck and shot it in the area round Youghal. The film included a character called Starbuck. What was the film?

6. Which football club is nicknamed The Bhoys?

7. This singer was born in Waterford, arrived in England in 1951 with a band called the Four Ramblers and he was often compared to Perry Como. Who?

8. What book is set on June 16, 1904?

9. Liam O Maonlai was the singer in which band?

10. Which Liverpool-born activist, whose statue stands in O’Connell Street, founded the Irish Transport And General Workers’ Union?

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