Quick Quiz 76

1. (a) Which county was the first to win the Liam McCarthy Cup? (b) Hyde Park is in London, but which county plays at Dr Hyde Park?

2. In which bay is Clare Island?

3. Which party leader is the longest serving TD in the Dil?

4. How was Eoin Pl, who visited Ireland in 1979, also known?

5. The Loyalist area in Derry is known as the Waterside. What is the largely Nationalist area known as?

6. How many years did Oisin spend in Tir na nOg?

7. In which town was Ballykissangel filmed?

8. Who wrote the play Philadelphia Here I Come?

9. Which poet has just received the Freedom of the City of Dublin?

10. One of the earliest sites of human habitation in Ireland is at Mount Sandel. In which county is it?

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