Quick Quiz 77

1. Belfast is 02890, Cork is 021, Galway is 091. What is Dublin?

2. Patrick Heeney, Peadar Kearney, Liam

ORinn and Bulmer Hobson played what individual parts in the Irish national anthem?

3. How are the following better known: (a) Paul Hewson; (b) Enya Ni Bhraonain?

4. Urho Kekkhonen, president of Finland (25), Pandit Nehru, prime minister of India (17), Helmut Kohl, chancellor of Germany (16), Eamon de Valera (14) whats the link?

5. This French composer married Irish Shakespearean actress Harriet Constance Smithson Franz Liszt and Heinrich Heine were witnesses. Who was the composer?

6. Who is Finance Minister in the North of Ireland?

7. What is the highest court in Ireland called?

8. Who had a hit with The Hucklebuck?

9. Irish pewter is an alloy of which two metals?

10. In which year was the backdoor system introduced 1897, 1947 or 1997?

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