Quick Quiz 78

1. (a) Glendalough was founded by which saint? (b) Clonmacnois was founded by which saint?

2. Which county was originally known in the 16th century as “The King’s County”?

3. What does the acronym DART stand for?

4. What is a crubeen? Is it a hat, a piece of boiled meat, a sausage or a drink?

5. How is the Norway lobster also known?

6. Which island is known as the Emerald Isle Of The Caribbean due both to its resemblance to coastal Ireland and to the Irish descent of most of its early European settlers?

7. On Ordnance Survey maps a ‘fulacht fia’ is regularly marked. What is it?

8. Leonard Fuchs discovered fuchsia, which was introduced into Ireland more than 100 years ago. From which continent?

9. What is the Irish word for someone who can speak Irish?

10. What does a jarvey do?

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