Quick Quiz 79

1. Who wrote the play An Ideal Husband?

2. Ireland is the third largest in Europe and the 20th largest in the world. What?

3. The racing horses Arkle and Foinavon were both named after what?

4. Who was the Irish actress who appeared in A Day At The Races with the Marx Brothers?

5. Dermot OBrien, the accordionist and singer who sadly died recently, captained an All-Ireland winning football team 50 years ago in 1957. Which county?

6. There are a few hundred miners left in Ireland what do they mostly mine for?

7. What was 2,240 yards in Ireland in bygone days?

8. Lugnaquilla is the highest peak in which mountains?

9. What is Shannon Pot famous for?

10. How is Samhain also known?

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