Quick Quiz 8

1. Which is the largest party in the British House of Commons after Labour, the Conservatives and the Lib Dems?

2. Which two of the following are not in the nine Glens of Antrim — Glencloy, Glenarriff, Glencoe, Glenaan, Glencorp, Glenmore, Glentaise?

3. Which lady, now a common part of everyday speech, first appears in Derryman George Farquhar’s comedy Beaux Stratagem?

4. Who wrote the play An Ideal Husband?

5. What was Biddy Early’s main claim to fame?

6. Which song is sung to the traditional tune The Dawning of the Day?

7. Set in the North it starred Helen Mirren, John Lynch and Donal McCann. What was the name of the film?

8. Which poet did Caitlin Macnamara marry?

9. Which is the oldest public library in Ireland?

10. Which Irish freedom fighter, later a TD, had a thousand pounds reward on his head and was described in his wanted-poster as having a ‘sulky bulldog appearance and looking rather like a blacksmith coming from work’?

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